Monday, April 15, 2013


Hi you guys!

This time the title isn't some sort of joke or gimmick, really all I've done is put off the ineveitable for a little while longer...Typing Tiara and I are going to just have to go on a hiatus for a bit so I can get things together again.

A hiatus has been a long time in coming considering I'm in my senior year of college (graduating in the Fall) and have been having a lot of personal problems as of late but yesterday with the passing of my two dogs the deal was cinched. I just can't do this right now, this being the blog. So I'm going to take a break. I'm not sure when I'll be back but I can guarantee you that I will be back. I love Typing Tiara far too much to give up on it. I just need some space and perspective is all.

I'll still be around on Facebook and Twitter, hopefully even checking in on some of my other favorite blogs, so its not like I'll be completely vanishing or anything.

But for now it is goodbye. And in honor of my babies:

RIP Snuggles and Bear (October 17, 1999 - April 14, 2013)



  1. I so sorry about your dogs! Losing a pet is horrible, I can't imagine losing two at once. Good luck with the rest of your semester if you haven't finished yet, I'll be here when you come back :). <3

    1. Thank you, Anya! It means/meant a lot. <3

  2. Love you hun!
    Enjoy your break.
    Sorry about the babies. :(
    See you on facebook. ;)

    1. Love you too! And I am oh so happy to announce the break is over!