About the Princess

Hey Lovelies!

I'm the Princess more commonly known as Ash. I'm twenty-five years old with four Associate of the Arts degrees (in English, Social Sciences, Liberal Arts, and Humanities) and a Bachelor of the Arts in Literature and Writing Studies. And coming soon this fall: THE MASTER'S PROGRAM. Dun, dun, dun.
Which authors do I totally fangirl over? Sarah Dessen for one. Probably my biggest one. I have read all over her books and adore her. Brandon Sanderson and Mercedes Lackey. I'm also a huge fan of Tamora Pierce, Sherwood Smith, Kristin Cashore, Jeri Smith-Ready, Stephanie Perkins, Orson Scott Card, Scott Westerfeld, and George R. R. Martin. In case that didn't give it away, I'm big into fantasy and science fiction with occasional bouts of contemporary. But mostly fantasy.
What do I do when I'm not reading? I write. I play video games like Fable, Fallout, Lego Batman, Arkham Asylum, Street Fighter, and Soul Calibur to name a few favorites. I delve into the amazing world of comics, particularly anything to do with Harley Quinn. Why yes, I am a DC girl. And did I mention I cosplay? Because I do. ^.^
The reason that I started Typing Tiara was the fact that I love to read and I desperately love books. Unfortunately as I'm not surrounded by readers as avid as myself in my day to day life those around me tend to get sick of constant lit talk. So I turned to you guys!
Want to know something about me, my love of reading, or about Typing Tiara? Have a great idea for a Tiara Talk topic? Want to fangirl? You can e-mail me at typingtiarablog(at)yahoo(dot)com or give me a shout-out on Twitter, I'm @Ash_Ash there. Dying to know what I'm reading at any given moment, what I've read and loved or what I'm hoping to get read soon? Feel free to friend me on Goodreads. :D