Saturday, April 13, 2013

Saturday Short: Peanut

Goodreads Summary: Before you write me off as a delusional psycho, think about what it's like to be thrown into a situation where everyone knows everyone... and no one knows you. Sadie has the perfect plan to snag some friends when she transfers to Plainfield High—pretend to have a peanut allergy. But what happens when you have to hand in that student health form your unsuspecting mom was supposed to fill out? And what if your new friends want to come over and your mom serves them snacks? (Peanut butter sandwich, anyone?) And then there's the bake sale, when your teacher thinks you ate a brownie with peanuts. Graphic coming-of-age novels have huge cross-over potential, and Peanut is sure to appeal to adults and teens alike.
So glad that Random House sent me this one since I had no idea it even existed previously. Peanut was a truly adorable graphic novel. Awkward, cheesy and so very high school. I adored it. The artwork was great, simple and cute [with none of that awkward can't tell anyone apart thing going on that some graphic novels have]. Sadie was kind of crazy but sweet and I loved the way that she looked at things. Overall I think Peanut would be a great choice for someone wanting to try out a graphic novel for the first time; its short, quirky and leaves you grinning. 


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