Thursday, November 22, 2012

Review: Alternity

Goodreads Summary: "Imagine waking up in a post-apocalyptic, nightmare world--and being told your whole life is but a dream. Skye Brown thought she was your typical teen--good grades, hot boyfriend, and an afterschool job that pays her to play videogames. But then she started having the dreams.

In her dreams, there is no Earth. Only Terra, a bleak, underground wasteland where people live in squalor and oppression. In her dreams, there is no Skye--only Mariah, a rebel leader fighting against a vile, dystopian regime. And then there's Dawn, a handsome, but haunted solider who sees her as but an empty shell of the girl he once love--a betrayer he vows to hate forever, despite what she sees deep in his eyes.

Now, ripped between Dark Siders and club kids, the mundane and the mystic, Skye finds herself in a fight against time--to learn who she really is, where she belongs..and why. The shocking truth will have her questioning her own reality...and her heart.
As soon as I saw video games in the synopsis I knew this was going to be a book that I could relate to being a gamer myself; and you really just don't see enough female gamers in books. So basically when I saw this pop on Netgalley I had to click the request button, I JUST HAD TO.

I loved Skye as a main character. I felt like I could really relate to her. She loved to go clubbing/dancing, whaddya know I do too. She had all of these worn-out fantasy novels in her dorm room. ME TOO. She loved to play video games and even had a job that required her to play them...okay, I wish that was a me too but alas I just get to play for fun. Her boyfriend is a DJ...okay, don't have one of those either...but you guys get where I am going with this. She's a geek. A girl geek and there really just aren't enough of those in YA literature for me, at least that I have found as of yet. [Know of some more girly geeks? Rec the titles to me in the comments below!]

I didn't get as much from the other characters as I would have liked, or even the world itself, I felt as if there was so much more that I wanted to know but because we are introduced to everything through Skye and she's just trying to get out alive...not so much. So it makes sense, it just leaves me wanting more. Totally room for another book! -Hinthint- it actually did end well, the kind of open-ish endings that I normally like...I just want to know more about this world. So sue me! xP

Now, because this book has so many twists/turns and so much insanity its like impossible for me to review. Everything I want to rave to you guys about would like, give things away. Lots of things. Important things. And those important things build the novel and make it the awesome dystopian that it is. This book is like being dropped into the middle of a maze having no idea why the heck you just got dropped into the middle of a maze, how you're supposed to get out, or why you're supposed to get out. The magic of it is that the novel leaves you just as confused as Skye. Mystified and all those other good things.

And its just such a good dystopian...especially, if like me, you're craving something kind of geeky. Its also a super quick read, devoured it in only a few hours. Alternity was easily a four out of five stars read.


  1. This book sounds... confusing in the least. Like, in the very, very least, ha. xD Just reading the synopsis makes me question what precisely this book is about. ;) But this main character seems a lot like you! On the top of my head, I actually can't even think of a girl gamer protagonist- I definitely think that there should be some more of them for sure!

    I think I'm going to have to see some more reviews for this one before I pick it up- although you have definitely convinced me to keep an eye out for this book! Such a fantastic review as always Ash. <3

    1. I think it comes across that way because of the setting[s]. Trust me, its not nearly as confusing as when you're reading it. And I absolutely loved the main character! We could totally be twins...if I could wield a sword. Adding that to my to do list!

      And I agree. More gamer girl protagonists! Guess I know what I'm writing about next NaNoWriMo.

      Totally understand. Thank you, Aneeqah! <3