Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Wishing on Wednesday [33]

Wishing and hoping, and thinking and praying...

"Coming down from the mountain to a new life in the city seems a thrill beyond imagining. When Miri and her friends from Mount Eskel set off to help the future princess Britta prepare for her royal wedding, she is happy about her chance to attend school in the capital city. There, Miri befriends students who seem so sophisticated and exciting . . . until she learns that they have some frightening plans. They think that Miri will help them, that she should help them. Soon Miri finds herself torn between loyalty to the princess and her new friends’ ideas, between an old love and a new crush, and between her small mountain home and the bustling city.

Picking up where Princess Academy left off, this incredible stand-alone story celebrates the joys of friendship, the delight of romance, and the fate of a beloved fairy tale kingdom.

Confession time! This one popped up on the listings on Netgalley and I requested it the second that I saw it...and was lucky enough to score and E-ARC which I'm super psyched to read...after a reread of Princess Academy of course. Why am I wishing for it then? I'm wishing for a hard copy to go with my paperback of Princess Academy of course! I loved the first book, and everything else that I've read by Shannon Hale, and have the strongest feeling in the world that I'll feel the same about this one.

For those that haven't yet, go read Princess Academy now! And pre-order this one.

Sidenote: I was wondering how you, my darling followers, feel about Wishing on Wednesday. Would you like me to continue it? Do you bother reading it? Or should I discontinue it and either leave Wednesdays blank or fill in with something new? Sound off in the comments! :]