Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Top Ten Tuesday: I Can't Believe It's Not Read

Top Ten Tuesday is a meme hosted by The Broke and the Bookish where a new topic is given each week by the host blog and participants write up a corresponding list of ten things. Simple, fun, and great for those obsessed with lists. This week's topic is: Top Ten Books I Can't Believe I Haven't/Want To Read From X Genre (for example I feel like I'm pretty well read in contemporary YA but there are some STAPLES I can't believe I haven't read. Or if you just want to books you WANT to read in a particular genre..not necessarily long overdue)

This time around, since I've recently posted tons of lists regarding fantasy and science fiction books that I want AND after going through all my TBR books and discovering what genres I have the most of, I've decided to go with unread classics. Of which I have several. And they should really all have been read by now. Really. (Doubly helpful for me since I challenged myself to read ten classics this year!)


(1) Emma by Jane Austen - As soon as I knew that Clueless, AKA one of my favorite go-to movies of all time, was loosely based on this I knew I had to read it. I spent months watching for it and waiting for it to appear in my library's used bookstore and snatched it up eagerly the second that it did. I read the first page. And then I set it aside DESPITE LIKING IT. Rinse and repeat. 

Romeo and Juliet

(2) Romeo and Juliet by William Shakespeare - OH THE SHAME. This was assigned to me my freshman year of high school and I read parts of it but I was so bored out of my mind when it was read aloud in class that I just completely cast it aside (AND SOMEHOW STILL GOT PERFECT SCORES ON THE DAMN THING). And I still have never gone back and read it. Even though I've quoted from it and referenced it in numerous papers.


(3) Villette by Charlotte Bronte - Another book that it seems like I spent forever watching for and I immedietly sat down and read part of it (in the store) when it finally came in, enjoyed it, then set it aside when I got home because I was reading something else and never came back to it. (You'll find this to be a common theme.)

Wives and Daughters

(4) Wives and Daughters by Elizabeth Gaskell - This is without a doubt the book that I've had on my TBR the longest. I've had this on my shelf since I was like twelve or thirteen. I saw it in the bookstore on a trip with my Mom, read the back and the first page, decided I wanted it and promptly drove her crazy until we purchased it. And then never read it.


(5) 1984 by George Orwell - I have officially lost track of how many people have told me that this one of, if not their absolute, favorite classics and that I have to read it. I have a copy, buried somewhere in the depths of my TBR of course, but I've never even skimmed the first page though I have put it on at least one monthly TBR I'm pretty sure.

 A Tale of Two Cities

(6) A Tale of Two Cities by Charles Dickens - Another book I was assigned in high school. I tried reading this one back then and I never made it further than the often-quoted first line. I've since read other works by Dickens and enjoyed them but I haven't gone back to this one yet.

Mrs. Dalloway

(7) Mrs. Dalloway by Virigina Woolf - I keep telling myself that if I can just read this book in one sitting then I will not only understand it but have it off of my TBR pile. I decided this because every time I've tried to read it and had to set it down for any reason, even for a short period, I end up confused as heck because of the writing style. So I've tried numerous times and then something always comes up and I have to restart it.

The Picture of Dorian Gray and Other Writings

(8) The Picture of Dorian Gray by Oscar Wilde - I even chose this as one of the reads for the IRL book club that I'm in and I STILL haven't read it. In all fairness, I think only one person in our book club actually did read it (I could be wrong but I'm pretty sure I'm correct).

The Grapes of Wrath

(9) The Grapes of Wrath by John Steinbeck - My Aunt, one of the few people in my family who is actually a reader, once told me that this is her favorite book so I hunted down a copy. The size is daunting. Steinbeck is daunting. (I've only read one book of his before and that was for school, though I really did enjoy it, and that was Of Mice and Men).

The Sound and the Fury

(10) The Sound and the Fury by William Faulkner - I have been assigned this book TWICE, at least twice, and I still haven't read it yet. I know I didn't even try really when it was assigned in high school and when I did in college I was so confused I pretty much immediatly had to set it aside. Way over my head. 

Are there any on this list that you've read? Any you would recommend? Tips? Tricks?

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