Saturday, August 3, 2013

Saturday Short: A Gathering of Wings [Centuriad Book 2]

Goodreads Summary: In A Gathering of Wings, Malora leaves the safety of Mount Kheiron for the bush and the bustling city of the Ka in search of Sky, the stallion who used to lead Malora's herd of horses. Accompanied by her closest friends, Malora is faced with making decisions about her future in new ways.
Though A Gathering of Wings did have its slow parts that made me set it aside for hours [sometimes days] at a time without giving it a second though I enjoyed it far more than its predecessor. There was more going on, more time spent with characters that I enjoyed and wanted more of, and the "dystopian" theme of the novel seemed to weave itself through far better and actually make sense to me. 

I feel like the characters developed from the previous novel for one thing, though for the most part I'd still rather spend the majority of my time with the secondary characters, and that was a much needed change. I also liked the mythology of the world which was finally explained, to some extent. Things started to come together and make sense to me, and the characters addressed some of the niggling issues that had crept forth from the back of my mind. Which I was immensely thankful for.

Overall it was a likable book and an improvement of the first one, I'm curious to see how the third Centuriad novel compares.


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