Thursday, August 1, 2013

No Review Today!

Sorry guys! I know Thursday is normally a review day on Typing Tiara but I've fallen a bit behind in my reading. I meant to have a review up of The Demon King by Cinda Williams Chima but I'm just a little over halfway through at the minute as I got caught up anew in another book that I'm reading. Hopefully I'll be finished and have the review up for y'all on Monday though.

In the meantime, how are you lovelies doing on your Goodreads Challenge?

I lowered mine from my [slightly] outrageous 285 to a far more modest [for me] 200 and I'm already thinking about raising it again. xD

I haven't even gotten through HALF of the books I planned on reading this summer. -.-

Which titles do I HAVE to get to before the summer's up?

I'm really wanting to read The Fault in Our Stars and The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes. [:

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