Saturday, December 1, 2012

Saturday Short: Stargazer

Goodreads Summary: "The vampire in me was closer to the surface . . .

Bianca, born to two vampires, has always been told her destiny is to become one. But she has fallen in love with Lucas, a vampire hunter who infiltrated Evernight Academy, the exclusive vampire boarding school she attends. Bianca will do anything to be with Lucas, even if it means lying to the powerful vampires of Evernight.

Her deceit leads her to dig deep into the mysteries of the school, and Bianca discovers that even those she trusts the most have their own dark secrets. When a ghostly force begins attacking Evernight--and targeting Bianca--she learns a shocking truth about her past that will forever change her future.
The first time I read this, sometime last year, I gave it two stars on Goodreads which meant I thought it was just an okay read. This time around? It earned itself another star. I'm not sure what exactly clicked for me this time around but I enjoyed the story a lot more, enough that I actually now plan on getting the following books and checking them out whereas before I had considered getting them from the library but hadn't had any plans of buying them to go on my shelf [unless, you know, I stumbled across the last two the same way I found the first two...for a dollar a pair!].

I think it was the mythology this time around. And the addition of another..well, let's just say when that "ghostly force" came in I was a whole heck of a lot more interested and still am. I wouldn't say I'm dying for the next book but I will say that I have a healthy dose of curiosity, especially with the the little excerpt of the third book that was included in my copy of Stargazer. While I wouldn't say it is a must-read, I will say it was equally as enjoyable as the first and definitely has earned a three out of five stars. 

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