Saturday, October 6, 2012

Saturday Short: Scott Pilgrim VS. The World by Bryan Lee O'Malley

Goodreads Summary: "Does Scott and Ramona's burgeoning relationship have a future? Isn't Scott still supposedly dating Knives Chau? Who is Ramona's second evil ex-boyfriend, and why is he in Toronto? Who are The Clash At Demonhead, and what kind of bizarre art-punky music do they play? Who's their hot girl keyboardist, and what is Scott's relation to her? Why are they Knives Chau's new favourite band? Fights Drama Secrets revealed The answers to all these questions and more."
Okay, if you haven't started reading this series yet you seriously should. Laugh out loud hilarious I tell you! Total gigglefest for me.

Anyway, I liked this one even better than the first one which I didn't think would be possible because the first pretty much had me in hysterics. But you get more Ramona Flowers in this one which is automatic awesome for me because she is one of my favorite characters. Knives too. Who is just plain CRAZY. And then there' Scott Pilgrim himself continuing on his journey to complete awkward-dom. He'll be there in no time at this rate. The book itself was a quick read, I eagerly devoured in about an hour likely less. Little bit more drama oriented this time around but there is still some action, just not quite what you're expecting. Dun, dun, dun. Definitely a great sequel to the first and I'm looking forward to diving into the third. :]


  1. I love the Scott Pilgrim series, its so, so good! I read Bryan Lee O'Malley's other book, Lost At Sea the other week too and thats really good as well :)

    1. I loved it too! I can't wait to have my own set [hoping to get the pretty box set] so I can do a reread. I hadn't known that he had another book out, thanks for letting me know! :]