Friday, May 11, 2012

Guest Post: Lines and Laughs with Arianne

 Today's guest post is brought to you guys by Arianne of Arianne Cruz's Blog. My fellow pink lover, book lover, make-up lover, and the girl who helped me rough out my first semester of university [and blogging!].

"Happy Birthday Typing Tiara!

I’m honored to be doing a guest post to celebrate your first year! Where to start?

I first met Ashley when I entered a giveaway on her blog. She tweeted me shortly after asking what school I went to because she thought we might go to the same school. What do you know? We did! So, we proceeded to meet each other in person. That first time, she went with me to get new glasses. It was like we’ve known each other for a while instead of just meeting for the first time.

After that, we started exchanging gifts because we met around the holidays. And then there were the shows I was doing…

I asked Ashley if she could help me learn my lines for the shows I was doing that semester. The thing I remember the most about that was I kept trying to “conquer” something and she kept telling me “not yet!” It was fun and I did learn my lines after that.

And then for Christmas, we had a gift exchange and it was all fun.  I’m glad to have had met Ashley in person as my first blogging buddy!

On to the bookish stuff…

I asked Ashley if she participates in Blog Tours. She said no. Internally, I was gasping and couldn’t believe it! I’ve been participating in tours ever since I signed up to a few tour hosts, Bewitching Blog Tours being the most prominent one so far. I enjoy blog tours because I get to meet new authors and discover such amazing books. Of course, I don’t accept every offer I get in my email because I already overwhelm myself as it is! I make sure to read the blurb first and then decide from there. So far, I haven’t disappointed myself. Such amazing books out there! I really recommend it. Besides, who doesn’t like getting free books?

If you would like to sign up for Bewitching Blog Tours, go here:

Thanks for having me, Ashley! Hope you have many more years of awesome blogging to come!"

Thank you so much, Arianne! 


  1. yey :) thanks for having me! so nice seeing my post in a pink background!

  2. You're so welcome! Thank you for writing a guest post! :]