Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Guest Post: Kindred Spirits

 Today's guest post is brought to you guys, not by a blogger as you may have expected, but by one of my very best face-to-face friends, a friend you guys may just be seeing a little more in Typing Tiara's future. ;]

"After only a year, it feel like Ashley and I have known each other forever. Let’s be real a second, we share a love of literature and pretty much everything else. But we love different boys (thank goodness!). Also, in earnest, if her name was something else, like, Jane, I’d respect her but I could never love her. Our literature jokes, our arguments full of puns, playing off the titles of the books we read for class, or our heartfelt moments trying to figure out life. All I know is that I never expected that the girl in my Literary Commentary 1 class group who barely talked to anyone would become my best friend. We bonded over NaNoWriMo, for those of you who don’t know it’s a month of insanity full of people who think they can take on the world, or at least 50,000 words of it. But, for all that practice, words cannot describe how much this girl means to me. I realized that she and I were kindred spirits when we both correctly guessed which characters we would love to be in Cassandra Clare’s novels. Then we continued to name our favorite books and we realized we were meant for each other. Since then our lives have been full of words, words, and more words, hating on school and how they can’t give us classes that we need and how we can’t take classes together next semester. It’s like a boyfriend/girlfriend relationship (complete with pet names), except we both have significant others and we both like to read, neither of our boyfriends do. We’re also kind of like twins, really close twins. It’s awesome, like we’re the same person in two different bodies. We can read each other’s minds, we can tell when the other needs someone to distract them, and we distract each other even when we have essays to write (like that stupid Virginia Woolf essay for our British Literature class) and we know when the other needs someone there but doesn’t need words. Basically, we’re best friends, the kind you only read about in books, but better, because we actually get to live it."

Oh Clary m'girl, you managed to write what comes off as the most yearbook inscription ever. And without making it totally cheeseball! Can you guys tell why I love this girl? You totes should. We're basically Anne (with an E!)'s kindred spirits. It's the lack of people like her in my life that made me turn to blogging, made me want someone to share all the bookish goodness with and it's the addition of someone like her that's encouraging me to branch out and test myself in not only the blogosphere but the world in general. <3

With a girl like that on my side, and all my blogging friends, how can Typing Tiara do anything but succeed?

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