Monday, May 7, 2012

Guest Post: California Girls

Today's guest post is brought to you from under the sea by one of my favorite blogging chicas and fellow California girl, Ishita of The Reading Fish! :D

"Hey Guys!
      First off I want to congratulate Ash and Typing Tiara for making it a whole year! I am so excited for her! One I have loved her blog ever since I discovered it! Ash is such a sweetheart! She was one of the first bloggers I befriended, and man she is amazing! And since we are in the same time zone, we have THE BEST late night chats!­­­­­­
     I have met so many bloggers but only a few who I am this close with! She has amazing recommendations, funny stories, and great life lessons! She always knows how to make me laugh when I feel like crap, or I am buried under a huge load of homework! After all the bloggers I have met, Ash is probably one of the only bloggers I have talked to this long! She is spontaneous, her Tiara Talks, are some of the best posts around! I love hearing her opinions, and discussion posts! Man so much to say but I am horrible at putting it in words…this is why I am the READING fish and not the WRITING fish ;D!
     Man I can’t believe it’s been a YEAR! It feels like yesterday I first “met” Ash! Now I need to meet her in person…ALA baby! Anywho…HAPPY BIRTHDAY TYPING TIARA! Hope this is one of many years of your reign!"

Any wonder why this awesome chica is one of my best blogging buddies? I've always enjoyed our late night chats, our homework complaint sessions, our fangirling, and just general goofing off and I can't wait until we can meet in person and take it to entirely new levels of insanity. Fingers crossed for ALA! <3

Thank you so much, Ishita for your wonderful post...I'm so...happy to be one of your friends and I'm so glad that we were lucky enough to meet one another in this big sea of a blogosphere. ;]

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