Sunday, November 20, 2011

Giving Thanks For Good Books

As soon as I saw this contest I knew that I had to make a post all about the book that I'm most thankful for. The hardest part of making this post? Trying to decide on one book out of all of the hundreds that I own and thousands that I've read that I'm most thankful for. There are so many! :o

For those of you that have read Typing Tiara for awhile you know I'm crazy thankful for Little House on the Prairie by Laura Ingalls Wilder which for me was the book that had started it all. I had read other books before but I never devoured books in the way that I do now, never really felt the need to always have a book on hand to read. The first time that I saw this book was when my third grade teacher handed it to me to read for my first ever book report. I was so upset! At the time it seemed GIGANTIC and so over-whelming. Why wouldn't I read something quick and easy like all of the other students? I thought this teacher liked me! Then I started read it. Oh. Em. Gee. Was I ever hooked! I loved this book so much. I begged and pleaded for the rest of the books for Christmas that year...and thankfully got them! So I'll always be thankful for Little House on the Prairie because it started everything for me. <3

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