Thursday, October 13, 2011

Review of The Iron Queen

My review of The Iron Queen by Julie Kagawa is based on a paperback copy of the book that I purchased for myself, the following review is my honest opinion of the work.

Goodreads Summary: "My name is Meghan Chase.

I thought it was over. That my time with the fey, the impossible choices I had to make, the sacrifices of those I loved, was behind me. But a storm is approaching, an army of Iron fey that will drag me back, kicking and screaming. Drag me away from the banished prince who's sworn to stand by my side. Drag me into the core of conflict so powerful, I'm not sure anyone can survive it.

This time, there will be no turning back."

This has been my favorite book of the series to date. I know I said the same thing about The Iron Daughter when I read it but The Iron Queen has left it so far in the dust there is simply no comparison. Meghan is finally that heroine I hoped she would be. She has learned her worth, her strength and is well on her way to mastering her power. She wants to fight. She's sick of being the damsel in distress and has learned that if her constant need to protect those she loves from all danger is going to be a strength and not a weakness she has to be the one protecting them. *tear* I'm so proud of her. At long last Meghan has finally won me over completely. Bravo!

I absolutely love the romance in this series. It's intense but not in the stalker kind of way that some of you may be used to from other books. Meghan has been a damsel in distress at times but despite her current distress she is no longer a flimsy damsel, she has learned to stand on her own two feet and make her relationship into an equal partnership. Which I appreciate. More books should feature love stories that put the lovebirds on equal footing. There's no other way to describe the love story within this series other than the word intense. In fact, I think I may go so far as to say it's my favorite love story to date. It's so powerful. And it's led to so many beautiful quotes. *dreamy sigh*

This tale of the Iron Fey was crazy intense. Did I say the last one was a rollercoaster gone off it's tracks? Well, this one is a rollercoaster with the love of your life that has gone off it's tracks meanwhile you're being attacked from all sides by rampaging armies. Oh yeah, this book is the queen of adrenaline rushes. I'm giving The Iron Queen by Julie Kagawa a five out of five stars review. The best possible recommendation I can give for this book being amazing is that it brought tears to my eyes. This entire series packs an emotional punch but it was The Iron Queen that finally did me in.

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