Saturday, June 16, 2012

Review of Infinite Days

My review of Infinite Days by Rebecca Maizel is based on a paperback copy of the book that I purchased for myself. The following is my honest review of the author's work.

Goodreads Summary: ""Throughout all my histories, I found no one I loved more than one."

Those were some of Rhode's last words to me. The last time he would pronounce his love. The last time I would see his face.

It was the first time in 592 years I could take a breath. Lay in the sun. Taste.

Rhode sacrificed himself so I, Lenah Beaudonte, could be human again. So I could stop the blood lust.

I never expected to fall in love with someone else that wasn't Rhode.

But Justin was...daring. Exciting. More beautiful than I could dream.

I never expected to be sixteen again...then again, I never expected my past to come back and haunt me..."

I had told myself I was done with vampires. I didn't want anything to do with them. They were everywhere, I had devoured too many books with them starring as the main characters and they were all starting to meld together Infinite Days came along and proved me wrong.

Here there be vampires, bloodthirsty and cruel as they were always meant to be. These were tortured creatures, barely living and truly only existing. I'm not saying that there is only one way for vampires to be, I enjoyed the Twilight Saga too only I've gotten to the point where these gentler portrayals of vampires have worn out their welcome in my stacks. I wanted something classic and Rebecca Maizel delivered.

Rhode was absolutely...breath-taking is the only word that I can think of that comes even close to describing him, none other does him justice. He's the romantic hero of old and yet, so much more savvy than his evil queen counterpart. He's Roiben-esque, for those of you who have read Holly Black's Tithe yet not so jaded. He was just...Rhode. He was the perfect counter-balance for Lenah.

Lenah was the evil queen. The embodiment of every dark emotion every possessed. Yet when she is transformed it is a complete transformation, out of this dark vampiric queen comes this innocent babe. She has absolutely no clue how to navigate the real world, or at least the real world she finds herself to be a human in. This might sound grating, it might make you take pause and yet it worked so well for the story. This was a woman who was lost in her own darkness, a true evil queen, who had nothing left to give the world. I loved seeing her transformations.

I think my absolute favorite aspect of this novel are Lenah's flashbacks to the time when she was a vampire. Yes, you read that right "when she WAS a vampire". Because you see, this novel takes place in a time when she is no longer one. She has beaten the curse and found a way to be a living, breathing human again. Infinite Days blends together her two lives; the time in which she was a dark immortal being tied together through memories triggered by her fresh human life. Brilliant!

For a girl who was utterly sick of vampires, to the point where I groaned when someone even mentioned a vampiric title to me, this was the perfect cure. Rebecca Maizel has earned a five out of five star review with her Infinite Days. I highly recommend giving this one a try if you yearn for a time when vampires were cursed, dark beings of the shadows.


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