Sunday, August 2, 2015

August 2015 TBR

So I totally disregarded my July TBR considering I only read two books off of it...which means, technically, going by my rules that I shouldn't be doing a TBR for this month. (My rule for TBRs is that in order for me to keep posting them I need to read at least half of the books off of the TBR for the previous month). But since I hit a really bad reading slump last month, and it was just a crazy month anyway, I'm going to keep doing TBRs. Well, that and I love coming up with TBRs.

So let's just hope that this month goes better!

What I Hope To Read:

Danse MacabreA Summer Like No OtherUnderstanding Comics: The Invisible ArtWonder Woman Vol. 6: BonesSuperman/Wonder Woman, Vol. 2Golden Fool (Tawny Man, #2)Fight ClubThe ShiningFool's Fate (The Tawny Man, #3)Too Much Happiness

(1) Danse Macabre by Stephen King
(2) A Summer Like No Other by Elodie Nowodazkij
(4) New 52 Wonder Woman, Volume 6: Bones by Brian Azzarello
(6) Golden Fool (The Tawny Man #2) by Robin Hobb
(7) Fight Club by Chuck Palahniuck 
(8) The Shining by Stephen King
(9) Fool's Fate (The Tawny Man #3) by Robin Hobb
(10) Too Much Happiness by Alice Munro

I think this may be my weirdest TBR yet simply because my reading mood has been all over the place for the past month and I'm trying to compensate for that AND get at least some of the reading done for my thesis.