Monday, June 27, 2011

Review of Mercy

My review of Mercy by Rebecca Lim is based on a copy of the book that I was given from Shana of A Book Vacation because she is such an awesome book blogging buddy. Wait, what? She just gave it to me because I won her giveaway? Oh. Well I guess that could be it. But either way the following review is my HONEST opinion of the book. Honestly.

Goodreads Summary: "A fallen angel haunted by her past. Yearning for her immortal beloved. Forever searching for answers. Who will show her Mercy?

Mercy has lost herself. She can’t count how many times she’s “woken up” in a new body, and assumed a new life, only to move on again and again. During the day she survives in the human world on instinct and at night her dreams are haunted by him. Mercy’s heart would know him anywhere. But her memory refuses to cooperate.

But this time is different. When Mercy wakes up she meets Ryan, an eighteen year old reeling from the loss of his twin sister who was kidnapped two years ago. Everyone else has given up hope, but Ryan believes his sister is still alive. Using a power she doesn’t fully comprehend, Mercy realizes that Ryan is right. His sister is alive and together they can find her. For the first time since she can remember, Mercy has a purpose; she can help. So she doesn’t understand why the man in her dreams cautions her not to interfere. But as Ryan and Mercy come closer to solving the dark mystery of his sister’s disappearance, danger looms just one step behind.

Will Mercy be able to harness her true self and extraordinary power in time?

The first in a dazzling new series, Mercy masterfully weaves romance, mystery and the supernatural into a spell-binding tale."

Okay so I have to say it, I'm a cover whore. I LOVE the cover of Mercy. And no matter how much time I spend admiring it I still come up with details that I hadn't previously noticed. Like the red tinge on the title for example.

I haven't read a mystery this good in a long time. How do I define a good mystery? For me that means it has to have me second-guessing myself constantly as new evidence and characters are revealed. One second I'm sure it's so-and-so than suddenly something new will emerge and I'm positive it's that character at fault. Mercy did this masterfully. I was constantly sure that I knew who had taken Ryan's sister only to have my mind changed a few pages or a chapter later. And the ending? I had suspected it in the beginning than found myself so thrown off by red herrings and false leads that I still found myself shocked by the outcome.

Mercy was awesome in a kick-ass, take no prisoners, I know what you did kind of way [meaning she was the most epic of epic heroines]. In the beginning she came off very cold which bugged me than it dawned on me that I was disliking her for the very reason so many people disliked me and that died fairly quickly. There are reasons for why she is the way she was in the story and I believe them one hundred percent. Mercy was the kind of character, that once I let myself, I could slip perfectly into her shoes and follow along without a trace of doubt. While she's not the kind of character I would want as my best friend, she's more along the lines of a character that is a lot like myself with a lot of traits I have combined with traits that I wished I had [like not caring what other people think about me, can I have that one transplanted into my body?] For these reasons I really enjoyed reading her story.

As for the man in Mercy's dreams, he seriously creeps me out. There's just something off about him that has me totally suspicious. Whereas Ryan I find myself really liking. He's not necessarily a guy I would choose for my boyfriend [fictional or otherwise] but he is someone I would want as a friend and genuinely like for Mercy because he can take what she can dish out and give it right back. I enjoy reading their interactions with one another. [Okay, this was partially written while I was still reading the book so now that I've finished I can admit that I <3 Ryan. He's a love.]

I'm giving Mercy by Rebecca Lim a five out of five stars review. I had seen the sequel, Exile [which has an equally GORGEOUS cover], floating around on Goodreads earlier so I already knew that it was going to be some kind of cliff-hanger ending in preparation. And I was right. AND I WANT EXILE NOW. Please?


  1. Oooh, good mystery :O I can't say I read too many of them (The Body Finder comes to mind though) but this one sounds awesome. I guess I can deal with the cliffhanger... I'm wondering if I'll become immune to them soon because of the sheer number of them out there, LOL. YES, gorgeous cover. Sounds great. Thanks for the review! :)

  2. Mercy is the first good mystery I've picked up in a long time. Though now that you've mentioned The Body Finder I'm going to have to look that one up too. Lol.

    As for the cliffhanger, I'm pretty sure if the book is awesome you'll never grow immune. :]

    Thank you for commenting and I'm thrilled that you liked my review.