Sunday, May 8, 2011

Review of Bitterroot Crossing

*WARNING: Review may contain minor spoilers.*

Due to the fact that my Amazon gift card turned out to be not nearly as endless as my Kindle wish list this is another book that I found myself borrowing from one of book lending sites for Kindle. I did not purchase this book nor was it gifted to me by the publisher/author.

Goodreads Summary: "A love triangle that crosses centuries . . .
For Nick Crush, the only thing cool about his town, Bitterroot Crossing, is the gang of outlaw ghosts that rise occasionally from the town’s swamp. But when he finds himself competing with the most notorious spirit and his own ancestor, Zedekiah Crush, for the affections of Jessie Sterling, suddenly the whole ghost thing isn’t so cool.
Jessie Sterling inherited her great-great-grandma’s shorter left leg and incredible beauty, a beauty that a century and a half earlier sparked a love triangle that ended in tragedy. Now Jessie leaves the safety of her grandma’s farm to attend high school in town . . . and Bitterroot Crossing will never be the same."

I'll admit that the whole love triangle thing has been a bit overdone as of late but Tess Oliver managed to write one of the ones that I enjoy. The kind where you love both of the guys for different reasons [the same reason why I love Cassandra Clare's Clockwork Angel]. I mean come on, Zed brought Jessie a kitten. A KITTEN. This big bad outlaw loved her great-great grandmother, and now her, so much he saved a kitten from a falcon/hawk just to bring it to her. It's sweet and so...not outlaw like. Yet there's times where is totally ruthless. And than there's Nick who is the modern day bad boy. Both of them have their perks and their faults which makes this the perfect kind of love triangle. You can actually see why Jessie would be torn between the two of them. Unfortunately the characters themselves do not exactly treat it as a love triangle, all of them deep down seem to know exactly who belongs with whom which takes a little away from it in my opinion.

I really enjoyed the characters in this story and the way in which they interacted with one another, particularly the relationship between Zedekiah Crush and his great-great-grandson and the one between Zedekiah and Jessie. Noticing a trend here? I won't admit to having chosen a team for this particular stories but you may notice I have certain...leanings. You'll have to read the story to see who Jessie chooses as her own true love. And remember, if Meg Cabot has taught us anything, don't discount the ghost.

I'm giving Bitterroot Crossing by Tess Oliver a three point five out of five. It was a good story but it just didn't quite have that extra oomph for me to solidly land it in to the four category. I will tell you that despite exhaustion hitting in last night from having a four o'clock morning I found myself having to get through the last thirty percent of this novel to find out how it ended. So it is a GOOD read. You will find yourself getting caught up in this story. It’s worth every penny of it’s ninety-nine cent cost on Amazon (for the Kindle edition). And remember, Kindle books do not have to be read on the Kindle they can be read on computers/smart-phones/tablets/laptops. Happy reading!

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