Monday, October 29, 2012

Review of Ever

Goodreads Summary: "Seventeen-year-old Ever’s love life has been on hold for the past two years. She’s secretly in love with her best friend Frankie, and he’s completely oblivious.

Of course, it doesn't help that he’s dead, and waking up to his ghost every day has made moving on nearly impossible.

Frustrated and desperate for something real, Ever finds herself falling for her hot new neighbor Toby. His relaxed confidence is irresistible, and not just Ever knows it. But falling for Toby comes with a price that throws Ever’s life into a whirlwind of chaos and drama. More than hearts are on the line, and more than Ever will suffer.

Some girls lose their hearts to love.

Some girls lose their minds.

Ever Van Ruysdael could lose her soul.
First off, allow me to totally fangirl over that gorgeous cover. I LOVE it. This is one of those tittles that immediately caught my attention, I just love everything about it. The lightening, the font, the girl reaching out with her hands as if only just barely restraining herself and the ghostly figure...I have no complaints. I would totally have this hanging on my wall as a piece of artwork. Be still my beating heart.

As for the guts of the book...I was really impressed. The inside was utterly enchanting, I hated every moment that I had to put this book down and unfortunately I had to put it down a lot since I foolishly started reading it in the middle of midterms week and with all kinds of term papers to write. MISTAKE. I hated having to put Ever's story aside to try and focus on less entertaining schoolwork; I was so entranced by the contents of this novel that I was able to use it as self-bribery to get myself through some of the longer, mundane assignments. I wanted to keep reading that badly.

Ever was a great main character; I genuinely enjoyed reading from her point of view and meeting her friends and family. and the rather interesting take on ghosts. As in her best friend, Frankie, was trapped within her home. He stayed with her. AND HER FAMILY AND FRIENDS NOTICED HIM. I loved that aspect. Its so different from the secrets that usually come out of that sort of thing, or the family members or friends thinking that the main character is completely insane. On that note, Ever's family and friends are totally loveable. I really liked getting to know all of them and their crazy quirks.

The beginning totally hooked me, I had to keep reading and the ending made me wish that I could. I can't wait to find out what happens next after that last little [actually not so little] bomb was dropped. Sign me up for the sequel! :]

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