Saturday, September 15, 2012

Saturday Short: It's Not You, It's Me by Kerry Cohen

Goodreads Summary: "Funny and touching—this is a heartfelt breakup story.

Zoe loves Henry.

Henry dumps Zoe.

Zoe wants Henry back—at any cost.

Zoe’s two best friends come up with a plan to help Zoe get what she thinks she wants. The plan: make Henry jealous.

But the plan takes a surprising turn. . . .

Spanning thirty-one days in the cycle of a breakup, Kerry Cohen Hoffmann’s humorous and poignant novel depicts a girl whose single-minded focus on her ex-boyfriend has pulled her far from the person she most needs to win back—herself.
This book has an adorable cover, I seriously love the two little birds on the front and the colors and everything. What I read on the back cover seemed interesting. But its what is between the two covers that matter and between the two covers I had the equivalent of a slasher flick. I don't mean that there was massive amounts of blood and gore, in fact there were neither of those. More or less I had that same audience reaction as when you watch a horror/slasher flick. You know the one, where you're constantly yelling at the characters to not go in there or to not do something then cringing as they inevitably do it anyway and BAM they're killed off. That's how I felt reading this. I kept mentally warning the Zoë off, telling her not to do that, not to go there and she went anyway. BAD IDEA. And yet, its kind of a right of passage. So it was right. Just cringe-worthy and bringing up bad memories kind of right. Those awkward first break-ups.

The even better thing? The fact that I was warning her off meant that I cared about her. And I really did like Zoë. I wanted her to be happy. And I could totally relate her having gone through the same thing ages ago. Personally I think that It's Not You, It's Me was an awesome reflection, little slice-of-life type thing, of that very first relationship and its end. Well, more so the end as you only get glimpses and memories of the actual relationship. But its one of those universals, something we all go through and overall a really cute, short read.

And I still love that cover.

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