Saturday, June 23, 2012

Review of Dramarama

Goodreads Summary: "Two theater-mad Ohio teenagers attend a drama camp together and go through a season of hormones, gold lam, hissy fits, and true love. Can their friendship survive the summer?"

Name-dropping is usually a big no-no...but when I saw all of the names of the musicals that were dropped within the first few pages of this novel I knew it was the right choice for me...especially when I recognized and loved almost every single one of them.

Sadye was an interesting main character, a girl that was struggling to find her way. She wasn't perfect, actually was nowhere near perfect or even semi-perfect. She was human. She was a teenager, full of faults and only just realizing what it meant to be her, to discover what she wanted from life and how to get it. How to be a friend. All sorts of glorious things that just kept me wanting more. I wish I had a best friend like Demi by my side. So boisterous, so full of life, so larger than life really.

I loved that this novel had a slightly larger cast than your normal run-of-the-mill book, as it rightly should taking place at a musical drama camp, and that you got to get a feel for all of them. There were kids from all different walks of life there for all different reasons, it was a good mix to read about and for the cast to learn from. Characters were coming of age all over the place.

The overall story of Dramarama was a sweet story of two "outcasts" that had found one another in a town where they were basically on their own, no one was quite like them, being transplanted to this "magical" place where they suddenly belonged. But belonging isn't that easy when you haven't belonged all of your life. Dramarama is the story of that same sweet friendship, first kisses, developing new friendships and finding your place in life. All in the space of a summer at camp.

For a lover of musicals this is the perfect summer read that will have you singing along, at the very least humming along with every song that is mentioned, and giggling at the outrageous over-the-top antics of the drama camp. It was the perfect easy-going read for someone struggling to get out of a reading slump, missing their best friend, and just wanting to belt "Popular" out at the top of your lungs.

Rating: 4/5


  1. This sounds like such a great read! Characters are always really important to me in books, and I love when they're flawed, since that makes them so much more real for me. I'm so glad that that's the case here with the characters! Overall, this sounds like a pretty unique read set in a musical camp- totally cool. Lovely review, Ash!

    -Aneeqah @ My Not So Real Life

  2. It was! Perfect for the summer.

    And I agree, characters are one of my biggest concerns in what I read. They make or break it for me.

    Thank you! :]