Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Tiara Talk: Hooky

I think I've sat down to type this post up about a dozen times. Tiara Talk is one of my favorite posts. I love discussing bookish things with my favorite readers. But today...today the sun is shining, the temperature is warm, and my Kindle has finally decided to stop freezing up.

Needless to say, I'm not feeling much like playing devil's advocate today. I'm instead considering a day by the pool with my cooperating Kindle. Who still needs a name, poor dear. 

So today's post will be more fun, more laid back. How do you play hooky? Do you play hooky from your blog, work, family, friends? How and when do you hide out? Do you read or do you feel like you need to play hooky from even reading sometimes? If so, how do you chillax?

Happy Tuesday everyone!

EDIT: Thanks to some helpful commenters I came to realize that not everyone knows the word hooky so here you go!  Definiton of hooky, courtesy of Urban Dictionary: Absence without leave; truancy.


  1. I would answer the questions but I don't think I understand what "hooky" means. Oh well.

  2. You've never played hooky before?

    Definiton of hooky, courtesy of Urban Dictionary: Absence without leave; truancy.

  3. I didn't know what hooky was either, until you told us! Now I get it. ;)

    Anyways, I feel like I do somtimes, with books that I have to read and from writing reviews. With both, I just go into my room, where there's no computer and distractions, and read any books that I want to read. Then, after putting off things to the last second [I am such a procrastinater!] I do whatever I was supposed to do.

    That's how I do it, at least. ;)

    -Aneeqah @ My Not So Real Life

  4. I'll make sure to edit that into the main post so that everyone can see, thank you for letting me know.

    I do that too! I'm the queen of procrastinating around here. I hate feeling as if I HAVE to do something. I'd much rather do it on my own time. So I'm guilty of playing hooky a lot. :]

  5. I used to play hooky from school & work all the time in the past. But I finally found a job I really love & while I'm often found online doing bloggy things at work, it's only because I can! :D I do have to admit that I play hooky from my blog & from reading at times. I go one day & then a day becomes a week & then I realize I haven't read or posted anything in a month! I totally lost all of my followers when GFC went offline because I played hooky the month they announced it. :( Now I have to start all over again! Hooky is not good for me!

  6. I'm totally guilty of playing hooky from school! A missed class or two here and there never killed anyone, right?

    I have found myself playing hooky from the blog a few times. With everything else going on sometimes I just need something to give and that is usually Typing Tiara. As for reading, I usually end up playing hooky from that without even noticing.