Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Tiara Talk: Challenges

Let's talk challenges.

All of my favorite blogs, and than some, arrive daily in my e-mail inbox because it's the easiest way for me to catch up with them. I mean, I can check my e-mail via my cell phone and easily skim/read all of the new posts. Lately though it seems as if all of these e-mails are filled with one single thing: CHALLENGES.

Despite being relatively new to the blogging world, Typing Tiara is only a little over six months old, I've noticed the various challenges that pop up in the blogoverse. I'm constantly seeing people talking about them on twitter, blogging about their progress, and coming up with new challenges that they wish to apply themselves to.Sometimes giveaways are involved, or special perks whereas other times it's just the pride in knowing you completed the challenge [much like my beloved writing challenge NaNoWriMo!].

In theory I really like the idea of the challenges. The creative buttons draw me in, the challenge themselves bring out my competitive side, and some of those giveaways offered up for participating are ever so tempting...yet I don't sign up. In fact the only challenge I've signed up for is my goodreads challenge, which I've gone above and beyond on thank you very much.

The TBR challenges and the ones for the classics are the ones that catch my attention the most; in fact I've almost signed up for the 2012 TBR Challenge about a dozen times...at least. And yet every time I start to write the post I chicken out. I know my TBR pile is a mess. I know the challenge would help. And I know I need to review the majority of those books in order to beef up my review stockpile. And yet the idea of committing myself makes me back down every time.

So I ask you, my darling readers/followers/fellow-bloggers, do you participate in these challenges? Do they overwhelm you? What have been some of your favorites? Any tips or recommendations? Let me know! :D


  1. I'm overwhelmed as it is trying to fulfill review deadlines... so no, i don't participate in challenges.

  2. I don't have many review deadlines to worry about so I'm okay on that front.

  3. now i have like 4 ARC's to review :D i feel so cool lol