Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Tiara Talk: Reading Nooks

Let's talk about our favorite reading nooks.

...when I say Nook I'm not talking about the fancy electronic gadget you can scoop up at Barnes & Noble, no, what I'm referring to are those comfy little nooks that we curl up in when it's time to read a book or two.

For me where I like to read depends on where I am. Most of you know that I'm living in two households right now, my actual home where my family lives and then the dorm on campus where I spend my weeks. In all honesty, I have no reading nook in the dorm room. It's cramped, crowded and just simply uncomfortable. That's not say that I don't get any reading done here, I read plenty as my Goodreads stats will tell you, I'm just not particularly comfortable while I'm doing it. Most of my reading is done with me shifting positions constantly in the metal rocking chair in front of my little desk, underneath my sky-high bed. While it's not the most comfortable spot in the world it serves it's purpose and the reading gets done. Most of the time. However, when I'm home the options are limitless. My top three favorite places however as follows:

(1) My bed. Oh how I love to read in bed. I know those crazy scientists say that this is bad for my sleeping habits, that beds are strictly for sleep but I pay them no mind. Beds are awesome places for reading. They are comfy, warm, and I have stacks upon stacks of books within reach. This my reading friends is heaven.

(2) Comfy couch. I'm really particular about which couch I curl up on to read which means there is only one back home that will do. Unfortunately this couch is in the game room. Where the xbox is. Where my boyfriend plays video games. LOUDLY. Unless I'm deep into a book already this is far too distracting for me and I can't read there. However when he's at work or at school this place is heaven. It's cozy and out of the way, usually only my kitten can find me here which is just fine with me.

(3) My Mom's recliner. Much like the comfy couch this particular reading place has it's downfalls. It's in the living room. With the big fancy television that has the DVR. I'm not often left alone here. However when the house is empty it's perfect. Airy, plush and just right for me and my kitten to curl up in.

Honorable mention would be the bathtub. I mean who doesn't love reading while in a nice steamy bath? I kind of wish I was there right now. *insert dreamy sigh here*

But enough about me, tell me all about your favorite reading nooks! Post pictures if you like or just describe them. :]


  1. When I'm home close to campus, I read on my bed.
    When I'm home at my aunt's place, I read on the couch or my bed depending on the time of day.

  2. I think I'm going to just have to start hauling books up the ladder into my bed. It's just the most ideal reading spot.

  3. Why not? It's not like the books weigh a ton lol .. Just bring one book at a time so you don't drown in them when u sleep!

  4. You're right of course, Arianne. I'll probably do that tonight after classes. Though the bed sucks it's still better than this metal rocking chair.

  5. bathroom all the way! :) I may just go there now....

  6. Lol! Always a good choice for a reading hideaway.