Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Tiara Talk: Pre-Orders

Let's talk about pre-orders.

I'm new to the world of pre-ordering books myself, though I really shouldn't have been considering money was such a rare commodity for me. In my opinion pre-orders are the perfect solution for this, order when you have the money then receive when you don't. If that makes any sense.

But until recently I've only pre-ordered a few books, very few actually. I think my last pre-order was What Happened to Goodbye by Sarah Dessen. Which, might I add, was a disaster and a half since the delivery man didn't seem to realize the box was too large for the mailbox so when I came running down the hill later to retrieve said package my key wouldn't even go in the keyhole all the way so that I could unlock the blasted thing. Oh yes, much frustration. I didn't end up getting the book for almost a week and a half AFTER it had been delivered. Pre-order fail.

Despite the mishap I did end up placing a few more pre-orders, these for the aforementioned reason of me wanting to get copies while I had money rather than risk not having any when they hit stores. What'd I pre-order? The Iron Knight by Julie Kagawa and Clockwork Prince by Cassandra Clare.

But this Tiara Talk isn't about what I pre-ordered, what I really want to discuss is why and when. What makes a certain book worth pre-ordering? Have you pre-ordered any books lately? Why or why not?

For me what makes a book pre-order worthy is if it's something I'm going to be turning green with envy over when others are talking about it on it's release date. Usually if I'm pre-ordering a book it means I already love the author, am crazy about the series, and just know that I'm going to love it. Otherwise it's worth waiting for.

But that's just me, and I want to hear from all of YOU. So talk, tell me your stories, tell me your pre-ordering commandments and what-have-you...I'm all ears. :]

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