Sunday, September 4, 2011

Review of Something Like Fate

My review of Something Like Fate by Susane Colasanti is based on a paperback copy of the book that I received in a giveaway from a fellow blogger. The following review is my honest opinion of the book and was in no way influenced.

Goodreads Summary: "Erin and Lani are best friends . . . and total opposites when it comes to everything, including boys. But then Erin starts dating Jason, and when Lani meets him, sparks fly. Lani is a loyal friend to Erin, but when junior year ends and Erin goes to camp for the summer, she leaves Lani behind . . . with Jason. Will Lani be able to put her friendship with Erin first, or will she be tempted by the guy who may just be her soul mate?"

I think I might have fallen for this book with it's first line. Being a writer myself I know how impossibly hard it is to perform that very feat, and let me tell you Colasanti knocked it out of the park. The first line of this book immediately had me curious and invested; I was sold from the very first line and had to know what happened next. What really lets you know that this first line got me? I had no intention of reading this book. I just was admiring the signature [did I mention it's a signed copy? Squee!] and flipped to the first page out of idle curiosity...then proceeded to devour the first ten pages.

Despite how often I fall in love with the boys in the books I read often times they seem a little big larger than life. They are completely amazing in every way that you could possibly ask for and you'll totally end up spending forever fantasizing about them...but you'll never expect to just run into them on the street. [And no, I'm not just talking about those fey boys we all know I'm head over heels for. Though, you know, they could exist. Just saying.] Jason was not one of these boys. He felt so real to me. Like I could just run into him one day at school and share a grin or make some quirky joke.

I have a thing for horoscopes. Since I was in high school I've always read mine and for the most part taken it as the gospel...or pretty close. I also have two Tarot decks and I know how to use them. I also got really into numerology for awhile though I ultimately backed off on that one except for occasional uses. Okay, so by now you're probably wondering where all of this is going. I have a point, I swear! All of these tools [horoscopes, numerology, Tarot, even palm reading (which I tried and failed at)] turn out to be a really big deal to the girls in this novel. Totally could relate! Much like Lani I once tried to plan out my life, or at least half a fairly decent map of how it go, pieced together by these various tools. So I loved the fact that this was included in this book and not just as a side-note but rather a character quirk that at times took on a life of it's own.

Something else that really stood out to me in this book was the fact that it wasn't just about a girl falling for her best friend's boyfriend. Lani and Erin had so much more than just a shared history which led to a most excellent sub-plot that truly fueled the guilt-a-rama. The plot of this book was so well thought out I was floored. I had gone into this thinking I was going to get some fluff, just some fun chick lit to pass the time with but what I got was so much more. I had my doubts in the beginning but I am now totally sold. Say hello to the newest Susane Colasanti fangirl! I'm giving Something Like Fate by Susane Colasanti a four out of five stars review. And hopefully will be devouring the rest of her books soon. :D


  1. The "just might be her soul mate" bit was what got me!! I don't like the cover, it makes Jason look like a player! :/ Even though you say he sounds very relate-able!
    Love the review, the horoscope-y stuff made my head loopy but that aside cool review! Even I find tarot and horoscope fascinating i check them out frequently but I don't ardently follow..that element of the book I am little fussy about (sometimes they annoy me!:P )But when you say "Well planned out" I must read this one! Will you be giving this away anytime soon? *innocent smile*

  2. I'm glad you loved the review, and I'm not a big fan of the cover either though I'm not sure how I would change it if I could.

    As for a giveaway, you never know. :]