Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Tiara Talk: TBR Piles

Before I get down to today's topic I just wanted to apologize for having not been around the past couple days, and not bothering to post. My cousin's graduation party was on Saturday, as it was our first outing as a couple in a LONG time my boyfriend and I didn't get back from that until Sunday morning around four. And I'll admit that I spent Sunday recovering from a daiquri-induced hangover. As for Monday I actually came down with some kind of stomach bug that had me down for most of the day. But I'm feeling better now and things should be getting back to normal. As normal as they ever are here anyway. Now...

Let's talk to-be-read stacks.

As readers we all have them, as bloggers and compulsive book buyers some of us have stacks that have grown out of control. I know mine has. What started as a few books in a nice, orderly stack in the corner of a single shelf has now grown to take over the entire bookcase! It's a mess and I find myself staring at it for hours not knowing what book to grab next because it's just so overwhelming. And an unorganized mess.

So that brings us to our Tiara Talk topic for today, how do you decide what to read next? Or better yet how do you make a dent in what sometimes seems to be a never-ending to-be-read stack?

The solution that I came upon, with the help of my friend Al from Magnet 4 Books whom I think is still in shock at the sheer mess that is that afore-mentioned bookcase, is to make a smaller stack on my nightstand of books to be immediatly read. That and to stop the loans on my Kindle so I'm not always rushing to get through those and ignoring my physical books.

This is the stack that between the two of us we came up with:

Ten books of varying genres all of which I have been wanting to read but simply hadn't gotten to. Picking my next read from this less intimidating stack is a far easier task than reciting children's rhymes such as eenie meanie minie mo at the big bookcase. And I can already see a slight improvement in the shelves as a whole.

But I'll admit even this method isn't going as well as I had hoped...I've found myself sneaking books from the main shelves occasionally not to mention the Kindle loans that come through that have to be read fairly soon before they disappear.
So how do you do it?


  1. I usually try to purchase one book at a time, because that way I wont have any other choices. But I will admit sometimes I can't resist and pick out more then one book at the store lol.

  2. I am crazy impressed with your restraint. I have never been able to only pick up one book at a time. It's gotten even worse now that I've found used bookstores and the bookstore in my library where books can be as little as a quarter. :]

  3. If they're review books they always go on top of the pile. But every once in awhile I'll pop in a must read favorite.

    Sadly it seems some of my favorite reads get buried.

    Each week I pick three or four books for that week's reading pile and then commit to it. I'm not always successful, but at least I'm not looking at a huge stack and freaking out over what to read next.

    I like the suggestion of keeping the small stack by the bed. Giving yourself some flexibility on what to read next without giving yourself too many choices which is super stressful.

    Good luck with your TBR!

  4. I try to save the favorite reads as bribery to get through the other ones. It doesn't always work out that way because somedays I just need a favorite to relax with but I try.

    I think limiting the stack to three or four like you do might help me out a bit. I look at the seven books left on my nightstand and sigh because I know I have to get through them before I can start all of the fun new books that are coming in.

    I have a feeling I'll be needing the good luck. :]