Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Tiara Talk!

Welcome to a new feature on Typing Tiara, who am I kidding since I just revived the blog they are all new! Anyway, one of the big reasons why I decided to revive my blog from about a zillion years ago is because I love books, I love to talk about books and I love meeting up with follow book lovers. What this means is that I would really like to interact with my followers more than just the occasional comment or giveaway (really looking forward to doing some of those in the future!). That's what this feature is all about.

Tiara Talk will give you guys the opportunity to tell me what you want to know, what you want to read about, and what I could be doing to improve this blogging experience for all of you. You can ask me questions about myself, books I've read, tell me features you want to see appear on this blog, books that you want reviewed or to know more about, even giveaways that you would like to see in the future.

You want to know my favorite book? Just ask! But please, narrow it down to a specific genre as favorite book is way too vague and will make my head explode just thinking about it.

You want to know what books I've read lately but maybe haven't reviewed? Ask! Since I've started this blog though I think I've posted a review about every book I've read unless it was school related. I am in college you know.

You want more fantasy reviews? Less fantasy reviews? Let me know. I can be obliging.

You want a new special feature, maybe a posting of my wish list or teasers from books I've read (or am reading) like I've seen other blogs do? Let me know!

You want my twitter or my goodreads so that you can connect with me there? I think we can make that happen.

I'm new to this and I wouldn't mind hearing from those that matter, which is all of you. I can't promise to make everything happen that you guys want, but I can promise to take your wants and literary needs into consideration. I want you guys to have as much fun with this as I will.

So if you already have a question or suggestion feel free to comment here and let me know. Too shy? E-mail me at typingtiarablog(at)yahoo(dot)com.

Personally I think one of the next things I need to work on is getting a button made for easy reposting. Any suggestions on how to go about this? And I'd love to know how you bloggers post your buttons on the sidebars with the nifty copy/paste link right below it. Remember, I'm a newbie to this.

Any questions that are asked I'll post with next week's Tiara Talk post along with any updates that I plan to implement to the blog. And of course to remind you to keep sending your thoughts my way. Happy blogging and reading! :D

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