Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Tiara Talk: Read-A-Thons

Let's talk Read-A-Thons.

Have you ever participated in one? I have on my own but never an official one before, which could very well by why I found myself signing up for TWO of them this year.

The idea behind them reminded me of NaNoWriMo [National Novel Writing Month] where millions of people all over the world around pounding out their very own novels alongside of you. The only difference is instead of writing your own story now you're reading piles upon piles of other peoples! Okay so that kind of is a big difference but the premise is the same...basically. Okay so it's more or less the camaderie that I enjoy, the fact that I know other people around the world are doing the same exact thing that I am. It's a heady thought and I love it. Which is part of the reason I love the book blogging community, knowing that different bloggers all around the world are reading and loving a lot of the same books.

The first one that I will be participating in is coming up on me faster than I expected, as of right now I haven't even solidified the stack of books that I'm going to be reading! Though I do have an idea of what they will be. My first ever read-a-thon will be taking place on June fourth and if you want to sign up you can here

I'll be adding the button for the other read-a-thon to my sidebar soon so keep your eyes open for it.

I'm a little bit nervous and a lot excited for this event. I was totally bummed, once I found out about it, that I couldn't go to BEA so this is like that for me. Only at home. And reading my own books instead of going around collecting them...okay so the only way that they are really similar is that they are events for book lovers. And there will be giveaways! Who doesn't like giveaways?

In case you're curious, these are the books that I have picked out so far for my read-a-thon stack. Feel free to suggest others though you are restricted to those I own, check out my to-read shelf on Goodreads if you're not sure what's in that category.

So, will I be seeing any of you...or reading about any of you participating in this particular read-a-thon or another one that is coming soon? What do you think of the idea? Have you done a read-a-thon before? What did you like about it? Was there something that you didn‘t? Let me know. :]


  1. I've always wanted to do a read-a-thon! I won't be able to one until the summer though, so unfortunately I can't do that one next month. Hopefully there will be one on my time off since I'd like to at least try it out :)

  2. I haven't posted the button yet in my sidebar but there is another one in July I think that I've signed up for already.

    Once Upon a Readathon

    Better? :D