Friday, May 6, 2011

New Loot for the Literary Treasury

So anyone who knows me at all knows that I'm a total book whore. Translation? It means that I could (and do have) tons of books waiting to be read on my shelves (Yes, I have an entire bookshelf full of TBR books not just a single shelf) and I'll still buy more. I'm a bibliophile and proud of it. My newest guilty pleasure, since my collection has destroyed my budget, is used book sales. Slightly used, torn, worn to bits (or as I prefer loved to death) I buy them long as it's something I'm interested in reading. These used book sales to me are almost as bad as walking into the pound, I want to take all those sad-faced books home with me where I can nurture them in a loving envioronment. AND I CAN ACTUALLY AFFORD some extent anyway. This week was one filled with guilty pleasures for me, I was able to hit up not only the Friends of the Library Book Sale (awesome instituition, check your town to see if your library does something similar!) and the Rainbow Used Book Store (a slightly more expensive alternative, though when you're able to buy books for fifty cents at the library everything seems expensive!). Not nearly as much YA as I'd like there to be but I'm hoping that with all the giveaways I've entered lately (including following the ENTIRE Spring Carnival Blog Hop) I'll soon remedy that situation. And I'll be sure to post any and all of the books that I may or may not receive in next week's loot post. Including a pre-order that should be released on Tuesday!Allow me to present to you this week's loot for the Literary Treasury:

Did you get any good literary loot this week? Let me know! :)


  1. Daaaang. What a lot of books! Seems most of those are adult books. I only recognize a few. :)

    Welcome to the blogging world!

  2. Lol! They were having some mega sales at the local used book stores. Unfortunatly it seems all that ever gets donated or traded at these stores are adult books. Luckily I still have a few YA books on my TBR shelf to balance it all out.

    Thank you for the welcome! :D